School nightmare!

Teacher: “The principal wants to see you in her office.

(Name):   *Confused* 

Principal:  Good morning! We have your mother this morning, you have to go home right now.

(Name) :   But……”

Mother: *Crying*

(Name): Mom, what’s wrong, why are you crying?

Mother: Your father had an heart attack this morning, and….(sobs) he is no more.

(Name): *No reaction*

Who thought her regular day could become her biggest school Nightmare?

PS: Based on a true incident!
Some days back, we were having a normal school day till the time our Principal announced this over the PA system. It was totally shocking. I could even feel goosebumps all over my body. Just imagine how she must have felt when she came to know about her dad. Its anyone’s biggest nightmare.
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  1. That truly truly sucks a lot 😦 Sometimes I think about how I would react if it happened to my parents. Thanks for sharing 😀

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  2. It’s the worst nightmare, for a person- hearing the news of a beloved’s death. Sadly, the truth has to be gradually accepted. The people close to the person, who has suffered a bereavement, must listen to that person’s words patiently and console them. That will be a great help for the person.

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  3. Wow, really beautiful of how you described and explained but really sad for the situation, that can easily be a nightmare for many.

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  4. Aww! Really?? Thank you for saying that.😘


  5. This is worst thing for anyone! Hope everyone lives a happy life with their loving ones🙏

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  6. What an unnerving experience. And so sad for the little girl! 😦

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