School nightmare!

Teacher: “The principal wants to see you in her office.

(Name):   *Confused* 

Principal:  Good morning! We have your mother this morning, you have to go home right now.

(Name) :   But……”

Mother: *Crying*

(Name): Mom, what’s wrong, why are you crying?

Mother: Your father had an heart attack this morning, and….(sobs) he is no more.

(Name): *No reaction*

Who thought her regular day could become her biggest school Nightmare?

PS: Based on a true incident!
Some days back, we were having a normal school day till the time our Principal announced this over the PA system. It was totally shocking. I could even feel goosebumps all over my body. Just imagine how she must have felt when she came to know about her dad. Its anyone’s biggest nightmare.
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  1. It’s the worst nightmare, for a person- hearing the news of a beloved’s death. Sadly, the truth has to be gradually accepted. The people close to the person, who has suffered a bereavement, must listen to that person’s words patiently and console them. That will be a great help for the person.

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    1. Hey! Its actually the worst experience one can have. I too lost my loved one (My aunt) few years back and its very very painful. But, as you said we have to accept it as this is the way life goes on.

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      1. That’s true, Shonessa, even I have been through a bereavement of my best friend, a wonderful woman of substance in my life -my mother,recently. We have to move on, remember the good times, we spent with our loved one and seek inspiration from her achievements.

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      2. That’s truly sad. I’m so sorry. But you’re really blessed to have that power to move on and I wish you all the best. Thank you for sharing this you’re a very brave lady!


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