Liebster Award🎉🎉🎊

​I was also nominated by TheExtraaaMile for Liebster award!💫💥. Thank you so much for the nomination.  Rules:- 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. State 11 random facts about yourself. 3. Answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you. 4. Nominate 11 other bloggers. 5. Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominated. You can... Continue Reading →

A-Z post!

I would like to thank Samridhi for nominating me for this entirely different post! 😊😘🌟 A – age : I'll be 16 on 2nd November😉B- biggest fear: Ghosts👻 (if they exist?)C- current time : 4:04pmD- Drink you last had: The most important survival necessity of a human being. Ya, you guessed it right. Water.💧 E- Everyday starts... Continue Reading →

Sister-brother bond❤

Dad: "Hey sweetie, congratulations! You're a big sister now." Daughter: *Excitedly* "Is it a girl or a boy?" Dad: "You have a baby brother." Daughter: "Yayyyyyyy! I'll take care of him always."  ~*7 years later*~ Brother: "Didi(elder sister), give me my present now, I can't wait. Sister: "Here, take your Rakhi gift." Brother: "Wow! Spiderman... Continue Reading →

Accept. Expect. Except.

Accept more. Expect less. Except negativity.  Acceptance made by a person depends solely on the person's will. You can't just simply give something to a person and make her/him accept it. If you apologize to a person for making a mistake, she/he may or may not accept it, but at the same time you expect... Continue Reading →

The 😁Happiness😁 Tag!!

I'm so very happy to get nominated by one of the beautiful bloggers who loves to write beautiful blogs Aanchal (Di). Thank you for adding me to do this happy tag❤😘 Rules:- Name 5 things that make you happy. Name 5 songs that make you happy. Nominate 5 bloggers to continue the tag. 5 things that... Continue Reading →

Shrinking personal opinion

"You can't make the same mistake twice, because the second time, it was by your choice." We human beings live in a society, which means we tend to live in groups. Though, some people might think its better to be alone. But each situation has its pros and cons. In a group, different attitudes, personalities,... Continue Reading →


OH.MY.GOD. 100 FOLLOWERS!! Thanks a hundred tons to all the hundred (+1) followers💞😘😘😘😃. I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all those reading my blogs/liking/commenting/reblogging/even just simply looking at my topic. Please please please keep supporting Shonessa 💫❤ ANOTHER OH.MY.GOD. 500 LIKES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SHOWERING WITH LIKES TO MY... Continue Reading →

The MakeItUltra™ blogger award

I got nominated for this ultra award by Deboleena Biswas who is such a fashionista❤ I love all your reviews. Thank you for sharing them. ABOUT THE AWARD The MakeItUltra™ Blogger Award is an award given to bloggers by bloggers for quality content, originality and presentation. The intention of this award is to encourage connectivity and support... Continue Reading →

Blogger Recognition Award💫

Thanks a ton Jhallipatakha (again😘💞💫) and dorkyglassesblog for nominating me!!!!💞💥 Rules:- Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.Write a post to show your award. Attach the award to the post. you can either use my featured image on this post or use other you prefer . Give a brief story on how your... Continue Reading →

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