A loyal friend.


Inspired by a true story!

Once there was an old man who was abandoned by his son. He was sent to an old age home with his dog, Bronzie. Bronzie and his owner were best friends. They used to walk together, play together, have food together, sleep together and so on. 
The old man had a dreadful heart disease. 

No one knew, except him.

One pleasant day, when they continued their routine to walk. Suddenly, a truck rushed in its full speed, creating a sudden jerk. The old man’s heart couldn’t bear this and he collapsed. He was admitted to a nearby hospital.

Bronzie waited patiently!

The old man was declared dead. Of course, how much could the old man’s heart take.

A lady arrived sitting on a wheelchair seeing her, Bronzie was beyond happy, he wagged his tail and licked her cheek.

No one could understand his gesture.

The eye donating technique did work!

“Leave your ‘I’s when you live…

Leave your eyes when you leave “

You can’t get a friend more loyal than your dog.🐶

Love what you write. Write what you love.



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