Mother’s day!

Some angels do not need wings,

They just sparkle magic, bliss which brings.

Ma, mummy, mom, they get different names,

All of them though, have the same tender aims.

Close to her heart her children remain,

Hoping to hold them in her arms, yet again.

©Shonessa 2018. All rights reserved.

Happy mother’s day!💟

Hello lovely bloggers!😃

Long time, no see.

It’s hard to think how fast time flies🤔.

I’m getting close to complete two years of blogging..


With my #bloglife taking a new turn, I feel like experimenting.

So, starting from the 14th till 19th May (the day I’ll complete two years of blogging), I’ll be posting regular #styleposts


PS: I am just an amateur blogger, please don’t roast me if I look absolutely weird in any of my looks😌.


Thank you for reading!😄

Love what you write. Write what you love.



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