A loyal friend.

  Inspired by a true story! Once there was an old man who was abandoned by his son. He was sent to an old age home with his dog, Bronzie. Bronzie and his owner were best friends. They used to walk together, play together, have food together, sleep together and so on.  The old man... Continue Reading →

3-Day quote challenge

Once again, thank you so much Aashi Kulshrestha and Moylomenterprises for nominating me!😘😘 Here comes to the end of this challenge.☺ BE POSITIVE!👍 My nominees:- Breathmath Pawan35 RR 😉 Love what you write. Write what you love. Love, Shonessa❤

3-Day quote challenge

Thank you once again Aashi Kulshrestha and Moylomenterprises for nominating me!😘 Quote of the day!☺ My nominees:- Anamikaablog Keithkreates Ajeet Singh Love what you write. Write what you love. Love,  Shonessa❤

3- Day quote challenge 

First of all I would like to thank Aashi Kulshrestha and Moylomenterprises  for nominating me to do this challenge 😍❤❤ The quote for today is Children's day special.🍭🍬🍦👭👬 "Children are budding stars, the more you embrace them the more they shine."    Happy children's day to everyone!🙌 I'm sure everyone is somewhat a child at heart❤ My nominees:-... Continue Reading →

Finding money

Its really funny to think how so many things can change in a matter of few days! Major changes that took place this week:- Delhi's smog level had raised up to infinity level. (Giving us school students 3 days of free holidays!😂) Demonetization of the Indian Rupees Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of USA... Continue Reading →

2nd Nov. My BIRTHday!!

​ Yaaaaaaa.....you heard it right!!!! Today is the day I was born.😊😊 Everytime someone says 2nd Nov. Or I see it somewhere written, my heart goes 💘💘. It feels as if this day has been made just for me. From childhood there's this little spark in me which enlightens as the day comes nearer. I... Continue Reading →

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