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My blog turns 2🎉|Shonesssian styles Pt-4

Shonessa turns two✨😍! Party mode on🎉 . Yay!!! I was eagerly waiting for this day❤️ How do you like my smoky eyes?😉 . May 19th marks my blog's 2nd anniversary- I can't believe it's already been two years since I started this blog. I want to thank each one you for sticking around! I really... Continue Reading →

Hello, best friend!

Best friend cum sister ❤️⚫ Dear soul sister, You are the person I never thought I would speak to and now you are my very best friend (cum sister)!💕 Before you had entered my life, "Best friend" was just a tag I would grant to any other person. But, you taught me the real meaning... Continue Reading →

Not a fairytale

Grew up listening to fairy tales, She envisaged reality to be the same. Then came one day when her fantasy took a turn so hard. Her dream came true, she was finally dressed up as a "princess", White gown and a beautiful veil, She thought she would live happily ever after! little did she know... Continue Reading →

Shonesssian styles Pt-3|Indo-Western|Ft. Shugar

Kurti-Jeans I personally loveee wearing Indo-Western❤️. It looks chic, fresh and comfortable ✨. I love how well kurti goes with jeans✨ These tassel earrings compliment my entire look. He insisted to click photos with me🤷. Just kidding! I had to literally drag him with me by luring a treat🙈. This he did on his own.... Continue Reading →

Shonesssian styles Pt-2|Beat the heat

My favourite summer outfit (Idea by Rorokdesigns❤️) Summer is the best time of the year to experiment with your style✨ So here is one of my favourites this season: Outfit details: Striped tank top Breezy high-low skirt Brown casual belt Mirror work flats Embroidered bag Owl ring Long tassel earrings to complete my look That... Continue Reading →

Shonesssian Styles Pt – 1|Debut

Shaadi season✨ Ditch the authentic lehenga and saree this shaadi season. Wear a combination of both?😉 Outfit details: Gold lehenga blouse Draped/saree skirt Silver jhumkas Flower ring Gold potli purse Pom pom flats That was it for this post. I hope you guys liked it❤️. Thank you for stopping by!💕 All the love to you✨... Continue Reading →

Mother’s day!

Some angels do not need wings, They just sparkle magic, bliss which brings. Ma, mummy, mom, they get different names, All of them though, have the same tender aims. Close to her heart her children remain, Hoping to hold them in her arms, yet again. ©Shonessa 2018. All rights reserved. Happy mother's day!💟 Hello lovely... Continue Reading →

My life changed..

It's funny how I wrote this post without actually experiencing the love that lasts forever. Probably God had already decided to send a four legged beauty to me❤️. Honestly, the moment I saw my soon to be a family member, it wasn't the cliché love at first sight. It took me at least a week... Continue Reading →

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