It is well…

I despised my life, for I believed it to be a living hell, my parents embraced me, telling me, it is well. Then one day, I cried, blamed them for the pressure I felt, my mind, my heart, they couldn't take it anymore. I tried. I said "I hate my life" at the top of... Continue Reading →


My blog turns 3!!

Yayyy!! My blog turns THREE today!! Honestly, it nearly skipped my mind😅. Please don't judge me. I haven't posted on my blog since a very long time, because I didn't feel motivated enough to do so.... My life changed drastically, college, personal life, PR, everything simultaneously fluctuating. I have realized, that I am a totally... Continue Reading →

Liv”ed” life

Carrying forth the treasures of life, in anticipation, fear and sorrow, She learnt something not everyone could do, to live, to cherish life, to make memories, bad and good. At the end, she freed herself from the clutches of death, yet alone she lived... ©Shonessa 2018

Hello, best friend!

Best friend cum sister ❤️⚫ Dear soul sister, You are the person I never thought I would speak to and now you are my very best friend (cum sister)!💕 Before you had entered my life, "Best friend" was just a tag I would grant to any other person. But, you taught me the real meaning... Continue Reading →

Not a fairytale

Grew up listening to fairy tales, She envisaged reality to be the same. Then came one day when her fantasy took a turn so hard. Her dream came true, she was finally dressed up as a "princess", White gown and a beautiful veil, She thought she would live happily ever after! little did she know... Continue Reading →

Shonesssian styles Pt-3|Indo-Western|Ft. Shugar

Kurti-Jeans I personally loveee wearing Indo-Western❤️. It looks chic, fresh and comfortable ✨. I love how well kurti goes with jeans✨ These tassel earrings compliment my entire look. He insisted to click photos with me🤷. Just kidding! I had to literally drag him with me by luring a treat🙈. This he did on his own.... Continue Reading →

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