All about me

So here I post something about myself. My real name is not Shonessa as you all might be thinking, but its a mixture of both my names, Venessa+Shonali giving me a unique display name. Ya, I call it unique since there’s no other person having this name. Okay, so enough about my name! I am a normal teenager who likes dancing, a bit cooking, reading books On Wattpad and now writing. I live with my mom, dad, grandpa, grandma and my cute little brother. I also have an aunt whom I love dearly and the person with whom I share many of my dark secrets. Currently I m in high school and not yet decided what to become as I grow up. Let’s see where destiny leads me!



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  1. Wow your theme is beautiful.
    Shonessa is cool

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  2. Shonessa,
    Such a nice short description.
    >>Let’s see where destiny leads me
    Hope the path to your destiny is colourful.

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  3. Nice Blog… Keep it up (y) Best Wishes always 🙂

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  4. thank you dear for reading my posts and likes them.

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