Happy birthday soulmate!

Aunt and niece are always in peace,

The love between them can never decrease.

They share, they care, they’re always in pair,

Anger between them is very rare.

Like best friends they talk,

Like sisters they mock.

Never do they fight

They’re always in delight.

They’re soulmates forever,

Like hidden treasure!

©Shonessa 2016. All rights reserved.

Another special day of the year arrives! My peeshi’s (aunt) birthday. We are best friends cum sisters cum soulmates cum aunt and niece. We share all the dark secrets with each other. Time just flies when we’re together, our non-stop talking never seems to end. Even if she comes to my place everyday, I have hundred’s of things to share! I love her dearly and want to see her smiling face every single day.Happy Birthday Soulmate!😘😘💟💞

22 thoughts on “Happy birthday soulmate!

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  1. Shonessa, my darling…you have made this day so special by writing such a sweet poem and article for me. I am feeling as if I am the luckiest Aunt in the world💕 Your presence in my life means so much to me…if I did not had you then I guess my wouldnt have been the same. I see a daughter, a sister, a bestie and a soulmate in you. Please stay the way you are. You r very very special to me. Lots of love and blessings to you!!!

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