My life changed..

It’s funny how I wrote this post without actually experiencing the love that lasts forever.

Probably God had already decided to send a four legged beauty to me❤️.

Honestly, the moment I saw my soon to be a family member, it wasn’t the cliché love at first sight.

It took me at least a week to fully get to know him.

There was a lot of biting(still continues), constant crying at 4 am in the morning, “accidents” everywhere in my house and the list goes on..

And that’s when I realized what my father used to warn whenever I asked him to bring home a cute little angel faced puppy🐶.

There was even a time when my parents decided to return him from where he had come (please stop judging, my parents aren’t cruel) for the safety of us, and more importantly my younger brother (who constantly gets bitten by him).

But, by the time they moved on to the decision, it was too late..

I was already in love with him❣️.

Me and my brother fought hard and even harder to let him stay with us.

My parents got impressed by our devotion and love, so ya we succeeded in keeping him!!!

When I think back in the past, I feel what was I doing my entire life without having a dog in the house?

It’s a treat to watch him looking so intently at me while wagging his tail when I get up in the morning, him next to my bed.

Or when I come back home after merely 10-15 minutes and he rushes towards me as if he had spent years without seeing me💕.

I might assure you that I changed as a person lately.

I feel now I’m more patient, calm and friendly to people around me.

Earlier, I was very “cold” towards subjects like a dog dying, or a dog saving his master etc..

But if you ask me now, I literally drop tears when I see even a mere post of a dog getting hurt.

I’m so satisfied by the fact that now, when I don’t feel myself or want a shoulder to cry on I know where to go💞.

I’m absolutely allowed to close this blog with the Cutie who changed my life:


Thank you for reading!

Love what you write. Write what you love.



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  1. Shonessa, am glad that you have had such a beautiful experience in your life… just like this there are so many things around us but we don’t pay any attention to them and move on unless we experience it as a live example in our life… I hope many such wonderful moments come your way… God bless 😘

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