Finding money

Its really funny to think how so many things can change in a matter of few days!

Major changes that took place this week:-

  • Delhi’s smog level had raised up to infinity level. (Giving us school students 3 days of free holidays!😂)
  • Demonetization of the Indian Rupees
  • Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of USA
  • Rumour about “No Salt”
  • Toblerone changes its iconic shape (I had to mention it)
  • It’s my 50th blog!

Out of these six things, the most striking yet hot topic today (in India) is Demonetization of the Indian Rupees! 

Ask me why?

Because this change has affected those who are allegedly at the top to those who are professed to be at the bottom. The notes (500 & 1000) which were used to do various activities until 9th Nov. are now useless, futile pieces of paper. 

This time it’s not only the poor who need to suffer.

 It’s also the rich and the middle class who together have to suffer with the poor in order to contribute to the country’s development. 

Right now, even 10 Rs mean a lot to a common man.

Switching over to take a look at how social media think about this.😉


Translation of the above meme:

Me: Mom, can you give me some money?

Mom: Aw, baby! What’s the need to ask me? All of the money is yours. Take it. *Hands me 500 rupee notes*

This one’s my favourite!😂

Finally it makes sense!😂😂😂

Translation of the above meme:-

If I don’t have money only, then 500 and 1000 notes makes no difference.😉😉😂

Jokes apart, this is a very important thing to ponder upon. 

It’s high time when Black money needs to be converted into White money.

I respect PM Modi for taking this huge step to drive out corruption from India!

Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai.

PS: Everyone have their own points of view. I don’t want to harm anyone’s intention/opinion.
Love what you write. Write what you love.



©Shonessa 2016

6 thoughts on “Finding money

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  1. You mentioned, Sabar ka fal meetha hota hai. Actually I think it’s Sabrh and not sabar…….coming to the point, Do you know the Adam and eve story??? If not then read it, and if yes then, let me tell you, the person whom you have so much of respect, is like the snake who encouraged Adam and eve to eat that apple from the tree……which God told them not to eat……thereafter they came to know what nudity is, what pain is, what hardships are….. etc etc

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  2. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. But Hindi language doesn’t have any accurate word in English and my I’m phone doesn’t have a translator, so sorry! As I’ve already mentioned I don’t want to hurt anyone’s intentions and opinions.


  3. As you may have seen from my blog, my wife and I were in Kerala on holiday last month, our first trip to India. Looking back, I can see that our life would have been more complicated without the high-denomination notes.
    I fully understand your PM’s reasons for taking this step, and even for keeping it secret until the last possible moment (the black economy affects the revenue of many countries), but I cannot help feelin that the move will cause great inconvenience to a lot of people at all levels of wealth, at least in the short term.
    You, the people of India, have my best wishes (and the people of southern Kerala particularly have my thanks for what was probably the best holiday we have ever had).

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    1. Wow! Kerala is absolutely a wonderful place to visit. The move definitely created inconveniences to each and everyone living in India, but I believe it will have a positive impact later in Indian history. Thanks a lot for your warm wishes!😊😇

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