Shrinking personal opinion

“You can’t make the same mistake twice, because the second time, it was by your choice.”
We human beings live in a society, which means we tend to live in groups. Though, some people might think its better to be alone. But each situation has its pros and cons. In a group, different attitudes, personalities, opinions and conscience may influence the opinions of an individual. Whereas, staying alone may create lack in understanding other people’s view. 

In past one month, I was unable to express my own point of view. Though, I was informed by my conscience right at the beginning that what I was going to do is…wrong. Still, my bad qualities took over my good values and made me someone I wasn’t before. I got blindfolded by all the wrongdoings (backbiting, ill-speaking, making fun etc.) about a person who didn’t even do anything wrong with me. It just came naturally by thinking as the same way as others of how the person talks, walks, looks etc. My personal view about that person was somewhere shrinking inside. This made me feel negative about EVERYTHING the person did (Obviously i was playing the role of a Vamp!) But, as it is rightly said, “Better late than never.”  Today, I realized what I did. I questioned myself, Whatever I was doing, Did it give me any satisfaction? Am I happy? Did I make myself proud? 

The answers to the above questions is a big NO. Whatever wrongdoings I was engaged in took me nowhere. Instead, it filled me with negativity. I don’t have the courage to go to that person and apologize. But, I’ll make sure not to engage in such kind of things which gives me a negative response. I’ll make sure I’ll not let my conscience and my personal view shrink and let wrong influences take over my good values. 
Now, I ask to myself, did I do the right thing of giving up on wrongdoings? Did it give me any satisfaction? Am I happy?

The answers to the above questions is YES. I feel so relieved after taking the right decision.

“Its better to stand alone on the right path, than walking with the crowd on the wrong path.”

Thank you for reading!😁

Love what you write. Write what you love.



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