Indian and western fusion

Soon after India got independence, it didn’t allow the foreign markets to penetrate in the country. Our then Prime Minister, Mr Jawaharlal Nehru thought its better to use the domestically produced goods. But, India couldn’t produce all kinds of goods because of obvious reasons. It was not even near to being ‘Developed.’ So, finally our country had to join hands with the foreign markets. Thus, giving us the western attire! I personally love dressing up in Western clothes but not as much as I love to play with my mother’s Saree. Its really a privilege for us Indians to dress up in any way we want, for dressing up only on saree’s and suit’s would have been boring. People are different, their choices are different, and this is the reason why still there are many remote areas and villages of the country that still doesn’t allow girls to wear jeans. On the contrary, if a jeans is worn with a kurta on top,(including a scarf on the front) it will look as some kind of a suit only. There are many more examples of this fusion, while we love our traditional style of having food, (Eating with hand) on the other hand, we also love getting ourselves updated by using fork and knife. Next comes the most important of all, i.e. food. Half of the population (including me) are big fans of Western food. Despite knowing the fact how nutritious and healthy our traditional food is. We all know about the great Dandi march held by Mahatma Gandhi, he wanted to produce salt from seawater to break the salt law. Salt was something that was consumed by rich and poor alike, being one of the most essential ingredient. We Indians are that salt and Western culture is food. Just like excessive salt ruins the taste of the food, we should try and not engage in Western culture too much, that we forget our own tradition, custom and culture. 

PS: Everyone of us have our own point of view, and this was mine😃
Thank you for reading! 😁


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