Fragrant vibes

....As soon as she reached home, she sensed the delicious fragrance. At once did she know, Her mother had prepared gajar ka halwa. (Carrot cake) It happened with me the other day when i was craving for some home made gajar ka halwa. Reached home...and voilà! my mother had already prepared it. Mothers and their thoughts,... Continue Reading →

Delightful dilemma

As I gaze from the window pane, I see the sky, where birds fly high, I see the sun shine, making all else divine I see the clouds roar, struggling to pour I see the wind blow, preparing to aglow I see the rain, dismissing all my pain. I feel so intoxicated here, everything seems just... Continue Reading →

Reflect your respect 

Him: Are you comfortable working here, madam? Her: Yes, sir. Him: That's great. Here's your room, maam. Her: Um, sir...the bed and fan is for me? Him: Of course! You work all day long. At least you deserve a peaceful sleep at night. Her: Thank you, sir. But, I'm your helper. I do not deserve such... Continue Reading →

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