Accept. Expect. Except.

Accept more. Expect less. Except negativity. 
Acceptance made by a person depends solely on the person’s will. You can’t just simply give something to a person and make her/him accept it. If you apologize to a person for making a mistake, she/he may or may not accept it, but at the same time you expect the person to accept your apology.
Expectations are always a step higher than acceptance. We expect way too much which ultimately leads to disappointment or dissatisfaction. We expect to get 90-95% but, if we get a percentage lower than this we get highly disappointed. Whereas, accepting your failures and mistakes could give you more satisfaction as well as boost up your strength. 
But, we should not accept everything and anything, which is sometimes harmful too! In these situations, we need to except the negative situation. Accepting domestic violence or forced marriage is not a good idea. We need to except these situations and fight for it. 

AEE (Accept. Expect. Except.) are interwoven, it absolutely depends on us how well we balance the three.

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