In India and in many regions of the world, the most common subject you’ll see people discussing is about  gender equality, women empowerment or feminism. It’s today’s “in” topic to talk about. Every now and then the newspapers are flooded with numerous articles about how women should be treated equally to men. But, if we women want to be treated equal to men then why do we need  special arrangements for us? I mean what’s the need? It is true that there was a time when women were treated worse than animals. Female infanticide was a common practice in many regions of the world. However, after decades of fighting for women rights and equality, today we have reached a level higher than men. Erstwhile, women were discriminated on the basis of gender, but currently men are treated unjustly. We celebrate International Women’s Day annually, ads on radios, television and hoardings about the day are seen everywhere. But, have you ever seen any ad about International men’s day? If this is what equality means for most of the people, then what was the need to fight for it at the first place? This is the smallest example I can give, there are  tons of other examples where women are given a higher position than men. Its not that I am against women empowerment, I am a girl myself. But, we are just not weak enough to be treated as superior to men💪.

PS : Everyone has their own opinion on different topics, and this was mine :).

Okay, enough of my seriousness, another thing I wanna share!!!
My cousin sister’s wedding is just two days away and here I am all excited putting henna and all 😜



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  1. Shonessa, very well put forward. It is only valid to say that feminism is nothing but having faith in the womanhood & keeping your self respect intact. Thank you for bringing such practical topics in the front. Once again you have done a great job. And offcourse you look lovely with that henna and I am sure you must have had a great time in the wedding😘👭

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