“The need to succeed”


So here comes the day of comparison, percentages, success and failure! Here comes the day when those relatives will call you who haven’t talked to you since ages and will ask   “How much percentage did you got?” Here comes the day of results. For me this day was like any other day, since I didn’t took much stress. When I got up in the morning my mom seemed to be more tensed than me. My 10th results had to be declared by 2pm, but actually arrived an hour earlier. I listened to all my favorite songs and watched TV. Then suddenly my phone beeped flashing a message  ‘Class 10th results have been declared by the CBSE’. This was the only time when my heart started pounding vigorously! I opened the official website, typed my roll no. and date of birth and…….there it was! In bold letters QUAL. I took a deep breath and screamed!!!!! Yayyyyyy! My mom, brother, grandma and grandpa all were there beside me. Within fraction of seconds they started congratulating me. After thanking all of them the first person I called was my dad! He was so happy and told me “I am proud of you.” After talking to him I called someone very special, my aunt! She was so happy and wished me all the best for future. Today is the day I wanted, the day when all my loved ones are proud of me. I scored well in my exams, but its not perfect. I am not perfect. I have to improve myself more and score much better next time! To all those who were uncertain about my capabilities, I just want to wish you all the luck. I also want to congratulate each friend of mine. Just remember this is just the beginning, if you think you haven’t done well, pull up your socks and start working hard from now😀(including me). At the end I would like to say that I might sound boastful but yes…I did this without tuition! 🙂


Just work hard in silence and let your success be your noise!

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  1. Your quote says every thing. Work hard no matter what ever comes through your path even if no one along with you you should keep walking and work hard to achieve your Goal. I am very Happy and relaxed that you did a wonderful job today by getting excellent percentage and made us proud and also with out any external help a great achievement by you. Remember
    Judi Tor Daak Shune Kaui Na Aashe Tobhe Ekla Cholo Re. A famous Song in Bengali

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  2. Congratulations !Hurray you did it ,best of luck for your next make your spirit high and fly like a flying colours😘😘😘😘👰👍👏👏

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  3. Shonessa, this is not the only thing that we are all proud of when it comes to you…scores are temporary achievement, what remains is your good attitude and a heart filled with love and compassion for others — you have all this and much more and thats what makes you special and a favorite of many. I am proud of you for what you are; for your entire being. I love you and wishing you all the happiness in life!!!

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