“The need to succeed”

So here comes the day of comparison, percentages, success and failure! Here comes the day when those relatives will call you who haven't talked to you since ages and will ask   "How much percentage did you got?" Here comes the day of results. For me this day was like any other day, since I... Continue Reading →


What are dreams? This is one of the greatest unanswered question till now. Scientists have never given a proper explanation about what actually dreams are. Dreams are something a person sees or sometimes feels when he/she sleeps. Our whole body is at rest except our minds! Even when we are sleeping are mental processes go... Continue Reading →

The most “Humane” stream

Hello lovely people! Firstly thanks to each and everyone for encouraging me to write more blogs of my own. So, by looking at my title you would come to know about which stream I am talking about. Yes, its Humanities! What comes in your mind when you first look at the word Humanities? Is it... Continue Reading →

“The perfect imperfections”

So, this is my first ever blog post in my life! Its not that I haven't tried earlier but it was just I didn't had the guts to😐. But finally when I tried not to chicken out I am writing this. Also my inspiration to start writing a blog is one of the most known... Continue Reading →

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