We all have fears don’t we? (Of course, there are exceptions, I believe in Super heroes!😉) Fear of spiders, fear of snakes, fear of heights, fear of dogs, fear of ghosts! And sooo on.

Some of us even have fear of people! They have fear to converse with other people. Basically, they are introverts. I, too am an introvert but I’m working hard to open up more.😅😅
Can’t sleep at night? No, you’re not in love.😂 In fact, you’re experiencing some kind of fear. Over thinking is the root cause here. Thinking too much about your work: How/when/where etc? Or just watching a horror movie and mentally representing the scenes until you’re damn scared among others are the reasons not letting you to sleep. 

Backbiting a person? Now, you have the fear that the person doesn’t comes to know about it. 

Unless and until you share your fears/anxieties with whom you can trust, believe me you cannot come out from it. I say this, because I experienced the same. There was this deep fear of mine which developed after I read something horrendous on social media that: “If you wake up at 3 in the morning, a spirit is staring at you.” 😨 Gosh! I was so so so scared, and coincidentally I woke up 3 in the morning like every single day!😰 (I know many of you might be thinking of how coward I am but believe me it gave me chills and I would feel a sudden rush of cold in my body). After almost a month of impractical insomnia I finally decided to talk to my parents. The first thing they did was laugh out loud! 😒
Then my father told me about how illogical it sounds. And that this is the reason why there is night and day. Night, for us humans to sleep and not disturb you know who, and day for the you know who to sleep. (Yes, I took the you know who phrase from Harry Potter😉)

Finally, when everything was clear and this thing was out of my mind, I am able to overcome my fear (well, I try to!) 

I’m sorry for breaking your heads by narrating my senseless story, BUT, I Thank You for reading it! 😁😂

Two good news’ I want to share!!!

I got 150+ followers on WordPress! Thanks a lot to all my fellow bloggers who took interest in what I write. Please stay with me and help me to write more and more better! 😊💟

All of you seem to like me a lot😅😂. (Bragger alert!) I got total 1000 likes on WordPress! Woohooooo💥🎆🎊🎉. Thanks to each and everyone who presses that like button on my posts. It is you who encourage me to write unstoppably! I love you allllllll.❤❤ 

Phew! That was a long long blog.😅 
Thank you for reading!😁

Love what you write. Write what you love.



5 thoughts on “Fear 

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  1. Haha, I liked your senselotory 😂😂 { word for senseless story in Shonessactionary } 😉
    I think you-know-who will also start following VenWhen soon 😂 ( bcoz he also LIKEs you 😛 )
    Congratulations dear ! Keep up the good work

    Liked by 1 person

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