Have you ever pondered on the question, “Am I modern?”

Does modernity mean transformation of clothing or lifestyle or does it mean technologcal advancement or industrialisation?

 Does modernism solely represent the innovations made in the scientific field and rejecting the existing traditions or does it have a deeper meaning?

Carrying a smartphone 24/7? Modern.

Listening to radio? Primitive.

Wearing a mini skirt? Modern.

Wearing a saree? Primitive.

Eating with spoon/fork/knife? Modern.

Eating with hands? Primitive.

Sending e-mails? Modern.

Writing letters? Primitive.

Having 10 best friends? Modern.
Having one real friend? Primitive.
So, if we are so modern, then why doesn’t our so called “modernity” change our notions? Why does a girl has to feel petrified to move out of the house after 6pm? How can any girl get molested? Why are old age homes preferred to taking care of your parents? Why are disabled people looked down upon? Why do wars happen? 


If we have the answers to the above questions, then undoubtedly we’re modern. But if we don’t, then let us reconsider our belief!

The debate continues…….

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11 thoughts on “Modernism

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  1. You touched on some questions I constantly ask myself, more currently than ever. It is still unbelievable that in the contemporary time we live in, we’re still seeing people fight for bragging rights, see violence, crime, and cruelty happen so often in our modern world.

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