The need to succeed 

Udaan bharna toh sabhi jaante hai  par kaamyaabi wahi paate hain Jo girne ki himmat aur sambhalne ki  laalsa rakhte hai ! ©Shonessa 2017.  All rights reserved. My first attempt in writing a quote in Hindi. Suggested by the Shayari king himself Dilkaash shayari ✨ Love what you write. Write what you love. Love, Shonessa❤


He was a fireball,  Anger, jealousy, hatred and sadness, All these were responsible, For his melancholic madness. Only she could soothe his nerves, Her sugary voice faded his wrath. Four words from her,  and he became serene. "I love you..... ...bubber" Strange, how a two year old could prevent her brother to Radiate fumes of rage and fury.... Continue Reading →

200 followers, 1337 likes and 4000 views

Thanks a two hundred tons to all my two hundred (+1) followers✨✨✨❤❤❤ I just want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you reading/liking/commenting/reblogging or even just simply looking at my work. Please please please keep supporting Shonessa!! Thank you so much for showering my posts/poems/blogs/rants with likes. It's just one of those moments where... Continue Reading →

Mind web✴

She was lost in her dreamland,  Because she did not understand  the world, it's leisure's and it's treasures. The grimace on a mom's face,  when her children cried day and night, Out of poverty and of plight. The reality struck her hard..... So she went back to her paradise, Which served her a blissful surprise. She... Continue Reading →

Her wings..

She flew with utmost pleasure, With her flattering wings. Even the dragonfly admitted, Indeed! she got admirable wings. Bright, colourful, beautifully patterned, She cheerfully drank nectar from flowers, scattered. Just then, she listened to the chattering, Honey bee, dragon fly, grasshopper and firefly, All were planning to slaughter those wings which the butterfly called as flattering.... Continue Reading →

Drowning when down 

No, I'm not talking about Down by Marian Hill.  I wanna discuss something that's abnormally common. It's something which has been made a big big taboo. Taboo which still has firm roots in the Indian society.  Yes, it's that time of the month I'm talking about. It's a topic about a simple biological process that you, me and... Continue Reading →

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