My life changed..

It's funny how I wrote this post without actually experiencing the love that lasts forever. Probably God had already decided to send a four legged beauty to me❤️. Honestly, the moment I saw my soon to be a family member, it wasn't the cliché love at first sight. It took me at least a week... Continue Reading →

Blast from past

*Flashback 2006-7* ...rehearsing for my fancy dress competition.. Just look at the amount of make up I'm wearing... Still so happy..😂😂 I can totally be Miss India 2020😌. Whatsay?😉 Ready to get spammed? When I (at the right) was about 2 months (maybe) My 3rd birthday!🎂 My forever favorite doll 💜 Mommy with brother... Continue Reading →

Another Cinderella story!

"So you're telling me that Cinderella continued to work as a maid even after marriage?" Asked the five year old. "Indeed." Confirmed her mother. "But didn't her Prince Charming keep her joyful ever after?" "Well, not all stories have a happy ending, sweetheart." Replied her mother. . Little did she know that this Conversation was intended to... Continue Reading →

Bond of protection

Tied a Rakhi to his wrist, promises made for protection, but there contained a twist. Vows were taken, Indeed! not by him, but his sister, who pledged to act as his shield. ©Shonessa 2017. All rights reserved. Happy Raksha bandhan to all the sisters and brothers!👫❤ May your bond grow stronger this Rakhi and years... Continue Reading →

A letter to my papa

Dear papa, If I start thanking you for all the wonderful things you give to me, be it the roof over my head, the delicious food served on my table or all the luxuries and comforts of the world, it would take me 16 years, 7 months, 1 day and 14 hours to wholly express... Continue Reading →

Sister-brother bond❤

Dad: "Hey sweetie, congratulations! You're a big sister now." Daughter: *Excitedly* "Is it a girl or a boy?" Dad: "You have a baby brother." Daughter: "Yayyyyyyy! I'll take care of him always."  ~*7 years later*~ Brother: "Didi(elder sister), give me my present now, I can't wait. Sister: "Here, take your Rakhi gift." Brother: "Wow! Spiderman... Continue Reading →

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