My blog turns 3!!

Yayyy!! My blog turns THREE today!! Honestly, it nearly skipped my mind😅. Please don't judge me. I haven't posted on my blog since a very long time, because I didn't feel motivated enough to do so.... My life changed drastically, college, personal life, PR, everything simultaneously fluctuating. I have realized, that I am a totally... Continue Reading →

Not a fairytale

Grew up listening to fairy tales, She envisaged reality to be the same. Then came one day when her fantasy took a turn so hard. Her dream came true, she was finally dressed up as a "princess", White gown and a beautiful veil, She thought she would live happily ever after! little did she know... Continue Reading →

A letter to my fatherland

Dear India, 69 years ago today you chose democracy as your life partner. Carrying forth the sacrifices, turmoil and audacity of your freedom fighters, you stand smart and proud. There are some whose bodies you see wrapped in tricolor 🇮🇳, Then there are also some whose hands do not quiver while carrying out a massacre..... Continue Reading →

Another Cinderella story!

"So you're telling me that Cinderella continued to work as a maid even after marriage?" Asked the five year old. "Indeed." Confirmed her mother. "But didn't her Prince Charming keep her joyful ever after?" "Well, not all stories have a happy ending, sweetheart." Replied her mother. . Little did she know that this Conversation was intended to... Continue Reading →

Yes, I’m a girl!

*Kill the unborn girl child* *Girls can cry cause they're weak* *Don't act like a boy* *Heh. She's a Tomboy* *Damn! She looks hot* *Ew, periods?? Stay away from her* *16 already? Learn cooking* *Sit properly. What will "they" say* *Eat properly* *Dress properly* *24??????? Marry marry marry* *Pfft! She's a housewife* *Married for 2... Continue Reading →

Out of the blues

As sluggish as a snail, she hid herself in veil. Doomed by her blues, only words could mitigate her misery to Ooze... ©Shonessa 2017. All rights reserved. Hey lovely people! How y'all doing? The last two weeks were super between I lost my grandfather. It is indeed painful because he my presence.. I... Continue Reading →

Mocking democracy

How often do we proudly say, "India is the largest democracy in the world."..? And, how often do we actually experience it? Almost one week prior to Independence day celebration, I want to take your attention to something which needs to be pondered upon.   Since India focused on establishing unity amidst diversity, its obvious to... Continue Reading →

Fragrant vibes

....As soon as she reached home, she sensed the delicious fragrance. At once did she know, Her mother had prepared gajar ka halwa. (Carrot cake) It happened with me the other day when i was craving for some home made gajar ka halwa. Reached home...and voilà! my mother had already prepared it. Mothers and their thoughts,... Continue Reading →

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