Mocking democracy

How often do we proudly say, “India is the largest democracy in the world.”..? And, how often do we actually experience it?

Almost one week prior to Independence day celebration, I want to take your attention to something which needs to be pondered upon.  
Since India focused on establishing unity amidst diversity, its obvious to think of it as a country where it’s citizens stand undivided.

But, in the real life scenario are we actually practicing the policy?

From time to time, we have been taught to act in a manner which emphasises and enhances the very meaning of democracy i.e., to follow the principles of secularism and federalism. 

These ‘principles’ are grasped from the textbooks only to unleash them on exam papers. In actuality, something else is on the move…

Racism should be alleviated

*Cringes* at the sight of a “black” human.

Untouchablity is banned in India

Don’t allow “low caste” people to enter the “elite” hotel.

India is a secular country

Religious riots is a must.

Child marriage is prohibited in India

14 year old gives birth to a stillborn.

If this is what is known as ‘education’ and ‘literacy’ , then sorry, let’s be illiterate. 

At least, then we’d have a good reason to explain the above contradictions.

On the contrary, if you wish to be truly democratic and someone asks you, 

“You’re a Muslim/Christian, then why do you celebrate Diwali?”

Your answer should be:

I am an Indian first,

a Muslim/Christian, second.

India is known for it’s democracy, it’s culture, it’s heritage and most importantly, it’s Unity amidst diversity. 
So let’s deepen our knowledge, and more than that, our actions, to make India, as well as this world a better place to live.

Thank you for reading!😃

Love what you write. Write what you love.



©Shonessa 2017.

PS: This blog doesn’t intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments. Everyone has their own point of view, and this is mine.


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