It is well…

I despised my life,

for I believed it to be a living hell,

my parents embraced me, telling me,

it is well.

Then one day, I cried,

blamed them for the pressure I felt, my mind, my heart, they couldn’t take it anymore.

I tried.

I said “I hate my life” at the top of my lungs.

The pressure built up again,

everything was turning out to be vain.

Conflicts, contradictions, I thought “Why am I the chosen one to live a life so miserable?”

I went for a walk and saw a little boy with a rose,

asking for money, to half fill his tummy,

I felt my stomach was full ….

“What sins made this five year old take on so much of trouble?” I asked myself.

Then I knew the answers.

My life was not as miserable anymore.

Seeing a homeless was as painful as being a homeless!

Empathy replaced sympathy..

One evening I saw my father cry,

No don’t you dare call him weak, he is my hero, I can tell the whole world with a shriek.

I somehow held back my tears…

The next evening, I saw my mother cry,

I hugged her tightly,

Mother-daughter bond one cannot take lightly!

Nothing can amount the tears my parents shed because of some “nobody”

No one was in my hate list until then, I tell you,

That nobody entered quite effortlessly!

Karma is a real thing, remember?!

It is well…

It is well…

It is well…

Love what you write. Write what you love.



One thought on “It is well…

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  1. Dear Shonessa, you wrote the zest of life so precisely and crisply. I was always so proud of you and today I am your fan. This is so beautiful and heart touching, you must continue your beautiful writing and keep motivating your readers. All the best your life. Lots of love and blessings! 😘💞

    Liked by 1 person

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