New year, new beginning!

The last post I published was last year on October 4th. Um..

Everything was going well, then 12th happened😶. Ya, I think now you got my point.

I can’t really explain the amount of excitement running down my veins as I’m writing this. I feel like returning to my family after a LONG LONG time. 

I wanna share something with you guys:

The above was a conversation I had with my teacher 1hr 7 minutes before New year 2018😂😂😂. I’ve got such a good sense of humor. I know. I know.😉😂😂


Coming to the ‘inspiration’ that brought me back to my beloved blog is one of the most common notions:

Whatever you do on the 1st of January, you keep doing it for the rest of the year😁😂.

I’m planning to BLOG BLOG BLOG this entire year….after Boards, of course. 😥

Here’s wishing you yet another rollercoaster year filled with ups, downs, hopes, heights and success.

May you be able to achieve whatever you desire. Dump the worry, dump the fear, let’s all of us start a fresh and Happy New Year 🎊🎉🎐



Love what you write. Write what you love.





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