Reflect your respect 

Him: Are you comfortable working here, madam?

Her: Yes, sir.

Him: Thats great. Here’s your room, maam.

Her: Um, sir…the bed and fan is for me?

Him: Of course! You work all day long. At least you deserve a peaceful sleep at night.

Her: Thank you, sir. But, I’m your helper. I do not deserve such respect. 

Him: You are first a human being, then a helper..

Word limit: 65 words 

*Inspired by a true story*

©Shonessa 2017. All rights reserved.

Thank you for reading!😃

Love what you write. Write what you love.




4 thoughts on “Reflect your respect 

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  1. I am so in sync with your write up, cause I believe in the same thought process. Even a maid in the house deserves the respect and our humanity…since every one of us is a help to someone in our lives…even if we work as a Manager in a company. You have a brought forth a valid point and am proud of you for being so thoughtful at such a young age. Lots of love!!!

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