My 1 year old blog❤

Exactly one year ago on 19/05/2016 I gained courage to push that Publish button for the first time. 

Time flies…..

Today I want to thank all of the extraordinarily amazing people here who gave me the motivation and encouragement to continue blogging. Actually this is a very big deal when I say that I completed 1 year of Blogversary today! There were times when I wanted to give up on this. However, your support in the form of likes and comments pushed me to go on….

Each one of you reading this (Yes,You!) have a special place in my heart, because you make me feel worthy enough to do something. 

 Honestly, I used to see myself as the most untalented person in this world. But after joining this platform and voicing my opinions at various topics, I feel at least 0.01% talented. 

Had I not joined this amazing community I wouldn’t have got the chance to meet my sister from another mother Fairy di💟 and all of my closest blogger friends (You know who you are❤)

Below is a short poetry dedicated to you (the one reading this) :-

I don’t know who you are, 

You may be living very far,

Distance really doesn’t matter,

What really matter is our chatter,

You come here and read,

Please come again, I plead.

Just as lonely Piglet will be without Pooh,

I will be without you!


Thank you for reading!😇 (And tolerating my overflowing emotions…

Love what you write. Write what you love.




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