We all face embarrassing situations once in a while don’t we? In fact, some of us (like me) face them every other moment. 

These past few days had almost made me to hibernate (in my case, to prevent further embarrassments). 

One of them was….

I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time so this emoji ➡😂 was appropriate. 

However, I realised that I’m not the only one in this world who gets embarrassed so easily! (Um, I think so.) Getting embarrassed in a group chat is somewhat bearable, but in front of 49 students, one teacher and a CCTV camera (Yes, my classroom has a CCTV😶) is simply not tolerable.

Have you ever asked a shopkeeper to give the money back you really hadn’t paid?

Ask me.

Total money with me: Rs 100

Me: Please give me one box of cheese spread (Rs 80) and three packets of instant noodles (Rs 60).

Shopkeeper: You have to pay Rs 140.

Me: I’ll pay you the pending (Rs 40) later.

Shopkeeper: No problem 🙂

*After a while*

Me: I really didn’t like the taste of the noodles so I’m returning you two packets of it.

Shopkeeper: No problem 🙂

*Me waiting*

Me: *awkward stare*

Shopkeeper: Everything ok?

Me: Um, my 40 Rs?

Shopkeeper: *Blank look*

*After explaining me for the 100th time that I hadn’t paid those Rs 40!!!!!!*

Me: Oh!!!! I got itttt!!!!

This happened in front of two aunties suspiciously staring at me, one man half laughing half confused, one teenager trying to make out whether I even passed my 5th grade as of now. 

Yes, so this is how I get my daily dose of embarrassment. 

It’s no surprise for me to gossip about someone and realise that s/he is standing right behind me. >_<

But, as I’m becoming more and more pro in dealing with such situations, here are some tips to share with you all:-

  • Keep smiling – when others are busy laughing at you, laugh back harder. (it only makes you feel better)
  • Act like a goof– learn how to have fun and don’t take yourself too seriously!
  • Love yourself– sometimes it’s too hard to shrug off those feelings of shame. But remind yourself that people talk and forget. Nobody cares about it a minute later.
  • Think about it the right way – Don’t be stupid by thinking you’re stupid!😉

Thank you for reading!😃
Share your embarrassing incidents with me if you want. (Don’t tell me you don’t have one!😉)
Love what you write. Write what you love.




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