Blackpack ❤

Hey everyone! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas.🎀 
Here I come with my first ever #fashblog (fashion blog). 

My Christmas outfit included:-

  • Poncho jacket (From Gipsy)
  • Cream colored top
  • Blue denim jeans
  • Beige boots
  • Silver ball earrings (to match the occasion)
  • A classic choker 

The poncho jacket is one of a kind. You have four different styles to wear it.

First: Single button (inside)

You can simply button one side of the poncho to another.

Here I paired it up with a royal blue one piece dress.💙

Second: single button (outside)


So it altogether looked like this.💜

Third: Double button

You can incredibly button it up from inside and outside, giving it a complete different look.💜

So, the double button style makes it look more like a poncho.

Fourth: Free fall

You can even use it as a simple jacket.👚


Silver ball earrings and a classic choker


Thank you for reading!😁

Hope you liked it.😊

Love what you write. Write what you love.



©Shonessa 2016

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