Real people behind fake identities!

We people often talk about fake and real personalities, there are MANY! In our day to day lives we’ve experienced this harsh reality. They change their color like Chameleons. There are many examples where we could find them, most common being social media. Whenever you get a follower on Instagram or a friend request on Facebook, how do you know if the person behind it is a girl or a boy? There is a possibility that the one texting you pretends to be a girl but actually is a boy! Or vice versa. Talking about real life, these people don’t show their actual self. They want to become Reebok but are actually Reebuk. Nowadays, scoring good marks is no longer an achievement but a huge competition! (You might be thinking why I’m suddenly talking about marks, but I have a story to share!). A month ago, I got my results and performed fairly good. My mom shared my percentage with someone, unfortunately before that person.

After that, the person said her daughter’s percentage was greater than me. Obviously that girl would’ve worked harder than me. And, I too was happy as she was someone great to me! Few weeks later, I got to know from one of my friend’s about her. Well, she got a lower percentage than me.(I’m not criticizing her or her marks.) What I am trying to say is, truth can never be hidden. It comes out from one way or the other. Till now, she doesn’t know that the truth has been revealed, but once she gets to know it, I hope she (And her mother) decides to grow up! This was one of my many encounters with #Fake people! (And the most recent one too!). 

“Percentage doesn’t describe your personality, but honesty does!”



©Shonessa 2016


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  1. Shonessa, this is so funny to read but its a harsh reality…I have seen people making fake accounts (old & mature people) to demeen other persons…how much free time can someone have in life…unbelieveable. Man, such people are so dumb that they dont know that someday or the other they would get caught and itll be such a shame. Anyway, I think the best way would be to just ignore such unimportant people and move on to better things in life. Keep on rocking, Shonessa, you are doing great. God bless!!!

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    1. So true Peeshi! People have so much of extra time to talk negative about others. Its their hobby to do so. I hope they at least try finding new an positive things to do in life😂😉😉


  2. Hey shonessa , talking about that well adding to what said
    People are quite immature to not realise that even if people like you for being some one else that you pretend they actually like your painted picture not the artist’s very important to be artist not the painting and it’s so true people just say false marks as if that will be an achievement dude for us it’s just a number the greater the more congratulations but the truth is this lie isn’t helping better any thing because lying doesn’t change the facts .

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    1. That’s correctly said. People who are jealous themselves do such things. Telling false marks isn’t changing a small thing in our lives. Rather, they’re losing out their respect for us. Its so true that “Ek jhooth ko chupaane ke liye saw (100) jhooth bolne padhte hai”😂😉😉

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  3. U are very correct on this topic I seriously hate liars (woh jhute double personality log) I mean u know everything and correctly written I appreciate ur feelings about those fake people

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  4. Hi Shonessa. I found your post on the community pool and am glad I did thus far, your writing speaks about your values – well in this article it does – and the unfortunate truth is we do live in a hostile world with competition around every corner. I remember a similar story to yours where my parents shared my grades with their friends who just so happened to be the coolest kid on school. I was so embarrassed as I would never live up to him… I never have academically, but I soon realised that who cares? I live my life I travel with my beautiful wife and I enjoy the majority of it! Thats what counts… fake people are all over the place.. the key is finding the real ones and keeping them close. Enjoyed the read, one thing I would say is try to keep your judgements in check, although it sounds very fake there maybe more going on behind the scenes than is visible on the surface… just be real and keep true to yourself!

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    1. Hello! Thanks a lot for stopping by and looking into the deep meaning of it. Its actually true to keep the real ones close but also difficult as you said fake people are more in population😂. But its okay, as far as our family is beside us, we should not care about the unwanted people.


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