Unending love


Each one of us has a dad, some are good, some are bad (Not all humans are same).

How blessed are we to have an angelic father, who never fails to care.

A square like face, a belly so fat, hair partitioned  and a heart of gold .

A message came from a dove, above,

That….Father and children have Unending Love!

Made by Kenneth💕

Here comes another special day of the year! Father’s Day!!! Unlike  Mother’s day father’s day are comparatively underrated. Don’t you think so? Honestly, I came to know about it just day before yesterday, whereas I usually get to know about Mother’s day a week before. Why is it so? I really don’t know. Ads on television or radios keep us updated about every occasion but never about Father’s day. My dad was genuinely surprised when we wished him. He himself didn’t know about the day. See? This is the case. Anyway, I want to show this video to all of you, my father’s journey as a chef. Chef Pronoy Gomes.

Hope you all have a great day ahead!

© Shonessa 2016. All rights reserved.


7 thoughts on “Unending love

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  1. Like all days are Mother’s day similarly all days are Father’s day…Shonessa, I too believe that people do not remember about this special day but I think its how we set our priorities in life; if made an effort we may too remember this day😉 Its the best day to make our Father realise that they are that pillar in our lives without which one loose the identity of being and a strong bond to fall back on. I loved your article esp. the drawings and the small video. Great efforts!!!

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  2. I love it! I agree Father’s Day is underrated. Fathers play such an important role in our lives. A mother plays the nurturing role, but a father is your constant. The Rock in which you stand on. There to support you and build character. What a wonderful tribute.

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