What are dreams? This is one of the greatest unanswered question till now. Scientists have never given a proper explanation about what actually dreams are. Dreams are something a person sees or sometimes feels when he/she sleeps. Our whole body is at rest except our minds! Even when we are sleeping are mental processes go on. For eg: when you’re sleeping and someone is knocking at the door, your mind actually gives you the information, which makes you to get up and open it. I would like to share my own experiences with you all. All my family members including my close friends are tired from listening to my unusual dreams. I get a variety of dreams from funniest to the biggest nightmares! Some of those are so vivid that I am able to relate them in my real life. This begun from the time when my eldest aunt expired. From the day of her death I started getting her dreams
till date. They seem to be so real like I am actually talking to her in real life asking her the same question repeatedly: “Auntie how come you’re  here I thought you left this world forever?”  But every time I ask her she just responses with a beautiful smile saying nothing ! My younger aunt always asks me why I always get her dreams which are actually connected with the real world and I always give her a *I really don’t know* look. Sometimes I get those horrifying nightmares which are so very vivid that I think about it whole day and well start imagining “BEAUTIFUL” scenarios! And sometimes its so damn funny that I just couldn’t resist telling them to someone. Its 12:45 AM and I am writing this! ;). Let’s see what I’ll dream about today!😄😉

Share most of your weird dreams in the comment section if you want to!😁

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  1. Shonessa, this is fab:*
    I remember all those occassions when you share your dreams with me n I feel that you are blessed in a special way that you get the opportunity to see n meet smone who is no more with us, n offcourse those funny ones which r related to your day today life, give us smthng to laugh about:) It is difficult to understand whys n hows about dreams so lets nt bother too much n go on with what life serves us.

    Btw you r doing a great job with your blogs. Keep it up darling!!! Love always:*

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